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We add glitz & glamour to your events

Let’s create memories together that will stand the test of time. We’ve got your back!

From your location to virtually anywhere in the world

Dedicated to providing innovative film concepts for any occasion, with a fresh approach.

Top Class, 6K, 4K, & HD Video Production

We offer professional video recording for live events and staged commercial production. Our team of seasoned directors and cinematographers possess superior craftsmanship to give you an outstanding experience at your event. Whether you are looking to have your wedding, musical concert, documentaries, product branding, or religious event covered, we can guarantee laser-sharp video quality at all times.

Your next event is on us

We’ve worked with some of the world’s top brands and talents to create amazing experiences in locations both large and small. When the world’s top brands and entertainers need a team of experts to create a compelling audiovisual experience in Nigeria they turn to us!

Why work with us?

Relationships at the heart of excellence.

Cover Me is a destination for events for brands and talents from around the world. We bring a different edge and approach to events that we cover, and have developed relationships with the best local talents in every category. You know you’re getting the best of the best when you work with us.

Our commitment to every detail

#1 Discovery

We chart our clients’ events to success from initial conversations through to actual production. Our team extracts critical information, context, and data from our clients and external sources to inform recommendations backed in fact.

#2 Media Plan

CoverMe provides overall strategic direction for your events based on your planned goals and target audiences. Our team evaluates various media that align with your event goals and provides a strategic foundation for driving success.

#3 Activation

Our process is seamless, while paying attention to every detail for your event's success. No, we’re not conceited; we’re just really good at what we do. We are all about a fresh approach, strong ethics, and a staff of top professionals.

We've heard things like

We can suggest innovations that will take your annual events to a higher level.

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